Leadership 15 Q&A

Leadership 15 Q&A

What is Leadership 15?

Leadership 15 is a program that teaches at-risk youth social responsibility, self awareness, leadership and life skills. The program’s goal is to develop leader’s who can make a positive impact on their community.

How do Students get involved?

Students are selected or nominated by teachers and counselors at their school.

How long does the program last?

Leadership 15 is a three-year program, with students starting in the 10th grade and continuing through high school graduation.

What are some of the things kids in Leadership 15 can expect to experience?

The participants will learn leadership, communication, teamwork and life skills using an accredited leadership curriculum. Additionally, they will have extensive interaction with influential leaders, coaches and communicators throughout the community. They will also be paired with a young adult mentor to help them develop a life plan. Throughout the program, participants will visit centers of culture in the city or region.

When does Leadership 15 start?

Interviews are currently underway and it is expected that we will have 30+ young adults in this class.

Patrick O’Halloran is the Director of Fusion CXO and has recently begun to get involved with the selection process of this year’s class. Check back with our blog next week for more information and updates about the selection process.

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