Searching for the perfect candidate can be a very strenuous and time-consuming process for companies. Fusion CXO’s goal is to make talent acquisition as efficient as possible for our employer clients.

Our process starts with our team of recruiters sitting down with you to get a full scope of the job requirements that you desire for the position that needs to be filled. Our recruiting team then gets to work doing the “heavy lifting” and time consuming tasks that are required to find you the perfect candidate. We thoroughly vet each candidate that we consider and conduct extensive in person interviews to make sure they are right for the job.

An added benefit that our accounting and legal recruiting teams and clients enjoy is that we are partnered with Fusion CPA, a leading Atlanta based tax and accounting firm. Their CPAs and J.D.s assist us in sourcing and evaluating Atlanta’s top accounting, finance and legal professionals.

Our goals when aligned with our clients result in:

  • Acquisition of top level talent
  • Reduced turnover
  • Reduced employer training and re-training time

To request staff to fill a position – contact your local Fusion CXO office

  • Call 404-477-3799 to talk with a representative today, or
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